Discover Why You Need To Perfect Your Posture With Yoga (3)

Are you curled around your laptop or slumped in your chair? Are you craning your neck toward your phone with the dreaded text neck? If yes, this is the sign that your posture needs some yoga.   In fact, good posture is crucial for everyday wellbeing, not only the days we have to impress the-one-who-got-away.

Your body cannot work as it should, and you won’t feel at your best when your body is out of alignment. Correcting all your lousy posture habits may look daunting at first, but the right yoga instructor and the proper yoga regimen can help you strengthen the muscles of your back, neck, shoulders, and core and make you productive, healthy and confident.

Here are 3 reasons for using yoga to perfect your yoga.

1. Be Productive!

One of the reasons people slouch is feeling sad or stressed. However, it is the right time to straighten up. You will feel more energetic when you sit up straight, instead, feel more positive even if you are stressed out and sat up in a straight position. Remember that sitting up straight can help you breathe better. 

The added oxygen of up to 30 percent more than if you slouched can assist you to remain focused and get your energy level increased. On the other hand, yoga can help to reduce your stress and boost your mood. It, therefore, works on multiple levels!

2. Boost Your Confidence 

Going by a report from an Ohio State University study, people feel more confident when they are sitting or standing up straight. It opens the stance and commands power because a closed or hunched stance makes you look and feel lowly. In fact, you look your best when you stand up straight – no matter how slim or tall you can be. Strengthening your muscles by doing yoga practice will make it very easy for you to maintain a powerful pose all through the day.

3. Allow Your Body To Work Better

Your body was intended to sit and stand in a particular way – and that does not include craning over screens. Joints are correctly aligned with proper posture for them not to be stressed and not to strain the muscles, which minimizes the risk of injury. Slouching can squish our insides, squeezing the organs, preventing them from functioning at the best possible levels. Your airway can be opened when you sit up straight, allowing deeper breathing. Furthermore, it can improve circulation and digestion because your organs won’t be compressed.


Yoga is the best way to improve your posture. Sitting up straight may be tiring, mainly when you have been hunched for an extended period. It is because the muscles of your core are weak. There are a lot of yoga poses you can do to strengthen your shoulders, back, and core that will improve your posture. In addition, a professional yoga instructor can assist you in completing the most useful poses while reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, put down your phone and try yoga in order to regain your good posture.

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